Non Government Organisations in Papua New Guinea


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Last updated July 2009
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Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA)
PO Box 3206, Lae,
Morobe Province

Believing that every person is infinitely valuable, ADRA of Papua New Guinea works with people regardless of any ethnic, political, racial or religious association to relieve human suffering, empowering both individuals and communities to develop their full potential.
Appropriate Technology & Community Development Institute (ATCDI)
PMB, University of Technology, Lae,
Morobe Province
Provides technical information & assistance to rural communities, and to research & develop new technologies that are appropriate for the PNG environment. Whilst not providing financial assistance, in some instances ATCDI work with communities to assist with the application for funding from donor agencies.
Anglicare Stop AIDS PNG
PO Box 6491, Boroko
National Capital District
Tel: 325 1855  Fax: 325 1103
Anglicare Stop AIDS PNG offers counselling services to victims of family violence and HIV/AIDS, conducts awareness on the sam through visiting secondary schools, settlements and village communities. They also provide training for peer educators.
ATprojects Inc.
PO Box 660, Goroka,
Eastern Highlands Province

ATprojects is a Goroka-based NGO which works with communities, other NGOs, and the provincial government in the Eastern Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea.
Its mission is to enable rural people to develop and use skills and technologies that give them more control over their lives and which contribute to the sustainable development of their communities.


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Business Enterprise Support Team Inc (BEST Inc)
PO Box 726, Madang,
Madang Province
Tel: 852 2040  Fax: 852 1195
BEST Inc works with rural groups who want to strengthen their community through business and community development.
Business and Professional Women's Association
PO Box 276, Boroko
National Capital District
Tel: 325 3166  Fax 325 4439


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ChildFund Papua New Guinea
PO Box 671, Gordons
National Capital District
Tel: 323 2544  Fax: 323 2562

ChildFund PNG works in partnership with children and their communities to provide practical support such as life saving health care, clean water, and the chance to go to school. By empowering people to voice their need and supporting them to address the issues that affect their daily lives - ChildFund PNG supports long term, sustainable community development
Clean Energy Solutions (CES)
PO Box 1145, Goroka,
District Daulo, Eastern Highlands Province
Tel: 7282 6105  Fax: 475 7667
Profile Consultancy and Training in Renewable Energy - Pico/Micro Hydro Power, Solar PV Systems, Water Pumping

Conservation International PNG
PO Box 106, Waigani,
National Capital District

Conservation Melanesia
PO Box 735, Boroko,
National Capital District


Founded in 1987, and present in Melanesia since 1991, Conservation International (CI) believes that the Earth's natural heritage must be maintained if future generations are to thrive spiritually, culturally, and economically.
CI's mission is to conserve the Earth's living heritage, our global diversity, and to demonstrate that human societies are able to live harmoniously with nature.
Conservation Resource Centre / UNDP
PO Box 165, Waigani,
National Capital District
Tel: 325 4900  Fax: 325 9192
Biological resources conservation
Country Women's Association (CWA)
PO Box 154, Madang
Madang Province
Tel: 852 2216  Fax: 852 2506
CWA Madang offers financial assistance to organisations that need assistance to implement projects within the communities in Madang.
PO Box 180, Madang,
Madang Province
Tel: 852 3335  Fax: 852 3336
CUSO-VSO is a non-profit development agency that works through volunteers. They are a member of the VSO International federation.


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East New Britain Council of Women
PO Box 713, Rabaul,
East New Britain Province
Tel: 982 8853
East New Britain Sosel Eksen Komiti (ENBSEK)
PO Box 780, Kokopo
East New Britain Province
Tel: 982 9279  Fax: 982 9301
ENBSEK provides basic counselling services to victims of family and sexual violence, conduct awareness on above and referrals to Police (SOS), Courts and Welfare Divisions. It has a crisis centre providing refuge for victims and also encourages gender participation. It conducts basic training on counselling, family laws and family life.
East Sepik Council of Women (ESCOW)
PO Box 75, Wewak,
East Sepik Province
Tel: 856 2025 Fax: 856 2131
Dedicated to promoting the grass roots development through the strengthening of Women, their organisation, their families and their communities.

East Sepik Local Environment Foundation
PO Box 1225, Wewak,
East Sepik Province
Tel: 856 1171 Fax: 856 2071
PNG Eco-Forestry Forum
PO Box 3217, Boroko,
National Capital District
The PNG Eco-Forestry Forum is a not-for-profit incorporated association formed in 1999 with the goal of promoting integrated rural community development and sustainable resource use through a viable and sustainable eco-forestry industry
Ecotourism Association of PNG
PO Box 2750, Boroko,
National Capital District
Tel: 323 0699  Fax: 323 0397
Ecumenical Coalition for Socio Economic Education Development Services (ECOSEEDS)
PO Box 256, Daru,
Western Province
Tel: 645 9285  Fax: 645 9285


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Family Health & Rural Improvement Program
PO Box 35, Tari,
Southern Highlands Province
Tel: 540 8088, 540 8028 Fax: 540 8028
Family Planning Ass. Inc.
PO Box 7123, Boroko,
National Capital District
Tel: 325 5100
Family Voice Inc.
PO Box 1641, Goroka,
Eastern Highlands Province
Tel: 532 3084  Fax:532 2737
To promote healthy and supportive family relations, develop awareness of family members rights and responsibilities and respond to family issues related to sexual violence.
Foundation for Rural Development (FORD)
PO Box 719, Mt Hagen,
Western Highlands Province
Tel: 542 3524  Fax: 542 1815
Empower people through appropriate socio economic programs that enhance improved quality of life in rural areas
Foundation for Peoples and Community Development (FPCD)
PO Box 1119, Boroko,
National Capital District
To support Papua New Guineans to develope and manage their own forest resources towards environmental, economic and social benefits
Fresh Produce Development Corp (FPDC)
PO Box 1290, Mt. Hagen,
Western Highlands Province
Tel: 542 2242  Fax: 542 1462


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Gazelle Womens' Desk
PO Box 703, Rabaul,
East New Britain Province
Tel: 982 8647  Fax: 982 8647
German Development Service (ded)
PO Box 1862, Boroko,
National Capital District
Tel: 325 5380  Fax: 325 9377
PO Box 136, ,
National Capital District
Tel: 326 0560  Fax: 326 0560
Greenpeace is an independent campaigning organisation that uses non-violent direct action to expose global environmental problems and to force solutions which are essential to a green and peaceful future.
Greenpeace's goal is to ensure the ability of the earth to nurture life in all its diversity


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Habitat for Humanity
PO Box 3804, Lae,
Morobe Province
Tel: 472 0113  Fax: 472 3513
The ultimate goal of Habitat for Humanity is to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness from the face of the earth by building basic but adequate housing
Help Resources
PO Box 1071, Wewak,
East Sepik Province
Tel: 856 1615  Fax: 856 1453
Hope Worldwide PNG (HOPE)
PO Box 3878, Boroko
National Capital District
Tel: 325 6901  Fax: 323 0419
(Mr. Frederick Ugwasola)
HOPE Worldwide conducts awareness in schools and in urban communities on HIV/AIDS, Growth and Development and video sessions and distribute materials on various programs
Horizont 3000 (Austrian Organisation for Development Cooperation)
PO Box 65, Diwai Post Office,
Madang Province
Tel/Fax: 422 1188 
Supporting partners in developing countries to improve the livelihoods of their communities.


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Individual Community Rights Advocacy Forum (ICRAF)
PO Box 1104, Boroko
National Capital District
Tel: 325 1537  Fax: 325 1415
ICRAF offers legal advice in the following areas: women & children rights or human rights; natural resources and land ownership. It also has a refuge centre for women and children victims of family violence.
PO Box 186, Goroka,
Eastern Highlands Province
Tel: 532 2040  Fax: 532 1153




Japan Overseas Co-operation Volunteers
P.O. Box 6639, Boroko,
National Capital District
Tel: 325 1699  Fax:  325 0752



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Lifeline PNG
PO Box 6047, Boroko
National Capital District
Tel: 326 1680 (office)  Fax: 326 1177
Counselling: 326 0011
Lifeline offers basic counselling sevices through phone as well as visiting and basic training programs. It has a refuge centre for victims of domestic violence.
Liklik Dinau Abitore Trust
P.O. Box 538, Goroka,
Eastern Highlands Province
Tel: 532 2405, 532 1034
Established ensure efficient credit delivery and savings mobilization for improving living standards of underprivileged women and their families in Papua New Guinea
Local Environment Foundation
PO Box 300, Kavieng,
New Ireland Province
Tel: 984 2271 Fax: 984 2253
Lousiade Womens Association
PO Box 24, Bwagaoia,
Misima Island, Milne Bay Province
Tel: 643 7443 or 643 7443
Lutheran Development Service (LDS)
PO Box 291, Lae,
Morobe Province
LDS is a faith based development entity of the ELC-PNG with links to over 3000 volunteer development workers nationwide


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Melanesian Environment Foundation
P.O. Box 4830, Boroko,
National Capital District
Tel: 325 8063 Fax: 325 2917
Melanesia NGO Centre for Leadership (MNCL)
PO Box 3405, Boroko,
National Capital District
Tel: 311 2952 or 311 2246  Fax 311 2782
Provide skills in capacity development for PNG NGOs.
Milne Bay Ecoforestry Association
PO Box 492, Alotau,
Milne Bay Province
Tel: (675) 6411139
Morobe NGO Kibung
PO Box 2989, Lae,
Morobe Province
Tel: 472 5528  Fax: 472 5528


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PO Box 434, University,
National Capital District
Tel: 325 9758, 323 0863 Fax: 323 0863
National Volunteer Service (NVS)
PO Box 4073, Boroko,
National Capital District
Tel: 325 3100  Fax: 325 8756
The Nature Conservancy
PO Box 2750, Boroko,
National Capital District
The mission of The Nature Conservancy is to perserve the plants, animals and natural communities that represent the diversity of life on Earth by protecting the lands and waters they to survive.
New Ireland Environment, Monitoring & Awareness Committee
P.O. Box 108, Kavieng,
New Ireland Province
Tel: 984 2115
NGOPROmotion Inc.
PO BOX 186, Diwai Post
Madang Province

Paramed Campus DWU, 
Modilon Road, Madang, 

Mobile: 7348 5801       
Landline: 422 0900
NGO PRO builds organisational and financial capacity of grassroots NGOs and CBOs through training, coaching, mentoring, peer-to-peer learning and small grants.


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People Against Child Exploitation PNG (PACE)
PO Box 58.72, Boroko
National Capital District
Tel: 320 3375  Fax: 321 4738
PACE PNG provides counselling and refuge to women and children as well as raising awareness and training on child abuse and commercial sexual exploitation of children.
Pacific Heritage Foundation
P.O. Box 546, Rabaul,
East New Britain Province
Tel: 982 1294  Fax: 982 1381
Pacific Heritage Foundation's main focus is on running environmental awareness campaigns, timber skill courses as well as providing a market for villagers' timber
Partners with Melanesians
Tel: 323 4509
PNG Red Cross Society
P.O. Box 6545, Boroko,
National Capital District
Tel: 325 8577  Fax: 325 9714
Red Cross society is a humanitarian organization working towards improving vulnerable people’s lives
Port Moresby City Mission
P.O.Box 5872, Boroko,
National Capital District
To provide physical, emotional and spiritual help through practical, positive programs at the point of crisis and to develop skills and potential which will enable people to become self-reliant.


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Research and Conservation Foundation
P.O. Box 1261, Goroka,
Eastern Highlands Province
Founded in 1986, RCF is one of the oldest national NGOs in Papua New Guinea (PNG) and is one of the first and largest dedicated to the environment, conservation and education


The Salvation Army (Development Services)
PO Box 3, Kainantu,
Eastern Highlands Province
Tel: 537 1279  Fax: 537 1279
Save the Children Fund
P.O. Box 667, Goroka,
Eastern Highlands Province
Tel: 532 1825; 532 1522  Fax: 532 2737
Save the Children fights for children's rights - delivering immediate and lasting improvements to children’s lives
South Pacific Appropriate Technology Foundation
PO Box 6937, Boroko,
National Capital District
Tel: 325 8153  Fax: 325 8822


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Transparency International Papua New Guinea (Inc.)
P.O. Box 591, Port Moresby,
National Capital District
With its vision to protect the integrity of the nation, the Papua New Guinea chapter of Transparency International (TI) is raising public awareness of the adverse effects on society of dishonesty and mismanagement. With the support of its coalition partners, TI PNG aims to curtail corruption and build a just society.


United Nations Volunteers
Tel: 321 1224
UNDP Papua New Guinea
PO Box 1041, Port Moresby
UNDP is the UN’s global development network, advocating for change and connecting countries to knowledge, experience and resources to help people build a better life.




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Village Development Trust (VDT)
PO Box 2397, Lae,
Morobe Province
Empowering and supporting village communities to manage their resources in ways that promote self reliance and that are environmentally, economically and socially sustainable.
PO Box 96, Buka,
North Solomons Province
Tel: 973 9613  Fax: 973 9030
Voluntary Service Overseas
PO Box, Madang,
Madang Province
VSO is involved in partnership programs in a range of areas including Education, Health, HIV and Aids, Environmental Protection and Climate Change
Volunteer Service Abroad (NZ)
PO Box 32, Boroko,
National Capital District
Tel: 325 4136
Volunteer Service Abroad promotes international volunteering for development, linking New Zealanders with people working to create positive change in their communities and countries


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Wau Ecology Institute
PO Box 77, Wau,
Morobe Province
Tel: 474 6218  Fax: 474 6313
The Wau Ecology Institute is Papua New Guinea’s oldest conservation and environmental research NGO
World Vision PNG
P.O.Box 4254, Boroko,
National Capital District
World Vision is a Christian relief, development and advocacy organisation dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice
World Wide Fund for Nature
PO Box 8280, Boroko,
National Capital District
Tel: 323-9855  Fax: 323 9855
The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is an international non-governmental organization working on issues regarding the conservation, research and restoration of the environment, formerly named the World Wildlife Fund


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YWCA of Papua New Guinea (National Office)
PO Box 5884, Boroko,
National Capital District
Tel: 325 2181  Fax: 325 6158
As a worldwide movement, the YWCA in PNG is committed to empower women to advocate against social, economic and political injustices
YWCA of Papua New Guinea (Goroka)
PO Box 636, Goroka,
Eastern Highlands Province
Tel: 532 2867 
YWCA Goroka's prime area of work in EHP is in the area of adult literacy