Completed assignments 2000 to 2004


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Project/Job Title  (& description)



Assistance in PNG to the team undertaking Higher Education Study in the Pacific Region


Community Business Development Education/Training

Development of community based Leadership & Management course and trainer mentoring for NGO



Gender Advisory Support for Grass-roots Health Projects in Papua New Guinea


Business Development Education/Training Infrastructure

Training of Domestic Contractors and Staff of Department of Works, Provincial Works Managers and Provincial Administrators on the WB funded Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation Project


Transport Infrastructure

Assist in conducting detailed project review of the Yumi Yet Bridges Project Phases 1 & 2


Business Development Education/Training

Assistance in PNG to the team undertaking Private Sector Development Study in the Pacific Region


Technology Education/Training

Assistance in PNG to the team undertaking Information Communication Technology Study in the Pacific Region 


Education/Training Business Development

Trainers and logistical support to the Senior Executive Leadership Program - PNG


Education/Training Business Development Mining & Petroleum

Develop course and material for the Small Scale Mining Project - PNG


Community Marketing & Promotion

Preliminary Examination of existing in-country status of artisan products produced by women and suitable for export on behalf of PEDF - PNG


Business Development

Organisational Review of Foundation for Rural Development Inc. - PNG

The Foundation for Rural Development is a PNG NGO active in micro-finance and community development. Tanorama provided a consultant to evaluate the organizational and program performance of FORD. Specifically, various donors provide funding to FORD for the implementation of literacy, small enterprise and employment, environment and media programs in the Highlands of PNG. The evaluation report provides a basis for strategic planning for FORD and for informing future donor cooperation with FORD.


Technology Education/Training

University of Papua New Guinea Website Development


Education/Training Agriculture

Delivery of frontline management training to selected senior and middle management staff (in selected provinces) for the National Agricultural Research Institute in PNG


Education/Training Community

Delivery of frontline management training to selected senior and middle management staff (in selected provinces) for the PNG Department of Social Welfare and Development


Business Development Governance

Assistance to the State, Society and Governance in Melanesia Project for arrangements of parliamentary members attendance and involvement



Year 7 & 8 School Textbook Supply in Review - PNG


Agriculture Business Development

Assist to develop a clear national vision for PNG Agricultural and natural Resource Development



Feasibility Study for the Education, Training & Human Resources Development Programme - PNG

The feasibility design mission sought to establish a framework against which the European Unions contribution of 30 million euros could be channelled in PNG. This required an examination of all aspects of the formal and informal education system in PNG. The design team worked closely with a broad range of stakeholders, notably Department of Education at National and Provincial levels. Tanorama provided international advisers to the consortium undertaking this study as well as providing all logistical support required.


Community Education/Training

Delivery of Strategic Planning & Project Planning Training Courses for Community Development Organisation - PNG


Agriculture Business Development

Development of Cocoa & Coconut Projects for Extension Agency - PNG


Community Business Development

Economic Profiles of Provinces involved with Mining - PNG


Business Development Health

Auditing of Health Project's Provincial Trust Accounts - PNG


Business Development Marketing & Promotion

Private Sector Development Strategy for the Pacific (PNG component)


Technology Education/Training Health

Health Training & Trainer Monitoring Database System - PNG


Technology Business Development Education/Training

PNG Financial Management Improvement Project


Health Business Development

In-country Support to PNG Health Sector Monitoring and Review Group 


Community Business Development

PNG Community Development Scheme (extension phase)

Tanorama provided one of its senior staff to the CDS extension phase, as the Capacity Building Specialist undertaking extensive provincial consultations on the improvement of CDS and the completion of Training and Organisational analysis to set the platform for skill and organisational development in CDS Phase 2.


Business Development Marketing & Promotion

Organisational Development & Marketing Strategy Consultancy - PNG


Infrastructure Technology Business Development

Southern Region Industrial Demand Study - PNG

Tanorama was engaged to design and implement a demand study to ascertain perceptions and concerns of key stakeholders about the preferred site of proposed site for the Southern Region Industrial Centre . Tanorama conducted a series of Focus Group sessions to gauge the perceptions and concerns in relation to industry and stakeholder preferences for the site; relate and prioritise these perceptions, concerns and preferences to key issues (e.g. geographic, infrastructure, environmental, land….) that must be addressed in order to establish SRIC on the preferred site; and provide outlines and concepts for possible action plans for consideration when following up and finalising the preferred site, indicating the financial and technical resources required and the time frame considerations.



PNG Agro-industry Technical Assistance

Tanorama was under contract to the Asian Development Bank to provide a PNG specialist to the ADB study team to research and prepare a report about community, social and environmental issues in relation to supporting Agro-Industry in the country. This report will be used to contribute to the design of a loan project that the ADB will provide to PNG for assistance in the area of developing agro-industry in the country.


Technology Education/Training Health

Procurement & Inventory Control Systems Redesign & Implementation - PNG


Education/Training Community

Community Survey Skills & Tools Course - PNG

The purpose of this course was to train community workers from Provincial and local level governments, communities and NGOs in conducting participatory rapid appraisal and other evaluation techniques for community based planning and management purposes. Participants were also provided with training to improve their facilitation skills to assist others in their communities. Training was delivered in New Ireland Province.


Education/Training Agriculture Business Development

Small & Medium Business Rural Extension Course - PNG

A training course to improve planning, marketing and extension skills for government and statutory officers involved in supporting the expansion of agricultural enterprise through small and medium sized enterprises in PNG.


Education/Training Technology

Solar Power Course - PNG

Together with a local solar energy equipment supplier Tanorama designed and delivered this customised course in Wewak, East Sepik Province. This course provided participants already working with solar power with technical skills, safety tips and additional community development applications for solar.


Education/Training Health Community

Nutrition for Community Health Course - PNG

Education/Training Business Development

Youth Group Business Planning & Management Course - PNG

Program aimed to equip people working with youth in PNG to understand the essential elements of planning and managing business and how to effectively pass on these skills they have learnt to PNG youth. Tanorama developed and delivered the program to various local level government personnel.


Community Mining & Petroleum

Napa Napa Communities (Roku and Kouderika) Household Survey and Analysis - PNG

Tanorama was commissioned to conduct a household survey that might provide information against which InterOil can provide assistance to these villages. Tanorama was required to complete a study of households in both villages to ascertain basic population and living statistics, viewpoints and expectations about the refinery, problems being faced by the community, community perceptions on their strengths and opportunities, health and education and housing issues, starting information on Clan makeup and leadership. The report was completed and submitted to InterOil who has utilised the key recommendations to develop their strategy for community liaison and assistance.


Education/Training Health

Nurse Conversion Degree Course - PNG

This  two-year course brought lecturers to PNG as opposed to taking PNG students to Australia. Participants completed the course and received a degree from an Australian university. This model of reverse scholarship has lowered the failure rate of students and allowed them to maintain their PNG commitments. = As an associate on this assignment, Tanorama arranged all facility upgrades and procurement for the eight provincial nurse training hospitals; Tanorama also provided logistics support to conduct workshops in Madang, Lae and Mount Hagen; and provided student welfare support to the students. Tanorama CIT Officer provided on-call support to the students as well as necessary computer training for the participants.


Infrastructure TransportLogo.jpg (1782 bytes)

PNG Airport Navigations Systems Upgrade Project


Health Community

PNG TransSex Project - HIV/AID Peer Group Training & Planning Consultancy


Health Education/Training

PNG Central Public Health Laboratory Design Mission - Workshop facilitation


Education/Training Technology Business Development

PNG Education Sector Development Project - Procurement Consultancy



PNG Curriculum Reform Implementation Program Feasibility Design Study


Agriculture Education/Training Community

PNG Agriculture Sector Human Resource Development & Institutional Strengthening Feasibility and Design Study

As associates Tanorama provided several key team members to this study. The team completed a comprehensive assessment of agriculture and rural development in PNG with Tanorama advisers providing inputs to extension, legal, community development, institutional assessments, facilitation and strategic planning. The needs assessment has been an important technical reference point for use by consultants in the Agriculture Sector Functional Expenditure review and the NADP formulation. The TA also featured rural fieldwork and a series of workshops facilitated by Tanorama to collect stakeholder views on priorities for agriculture and rural development in PNG, this involved 200 stakeholders from minister to farmer levels attending forums in Mt. Hagen, Lae and Port Moresby.


Community Agriculture TransportLogo.jpg (1782 bytes) Infrastructure

Komo Margarima District Rural Development Guideline - PNG


Community Agriculture TransportLogo.jpg (1782 bytes) Infrastructure

Kanauki District Rural Development Guideline - PNG


Community Agriculture TransportLogo.jpg (1782 bytes) Infrastructure  
Health Education/Training Governance

Angoram District Rural Development Program - PNG


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