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Project/Job Title  (& description)

Governance Business Development Community

Sub-National Strategy Impact Study


Business Development Mining & Petroleum Community

Community Relations Manual Production


Community Health Education/Training

Water, Sanitation, Hygiene program scoping mission in Western Province, PNG.


Community environment

PNG Purari Hydro Project - Feasibility Studies and Social & Environmental Impact Assessment


Community environment Mining & Petroleum

Social Mapping and Landowner Identification Studies
Stanley Gas Project)


Community Mining & Petroleum

Environmental Health and Social Impact Assessment
Pandora Gas Project)


Community Education/Training Business Development Health AgricultureMining & Petroleum environment Infrastructure

Nimamar Rural LLG - 5 Year Ward Development Plans


Business Development Community Governance

Strongim Pipol Strongim Nesen (SPSN)


Business Development Governance

Support of Public Financial Management Project


Business Development Governance

Facilitation of Annual Planning Processes for
sub-sectoral initiatives of donor organisation


Community Mining & Petroleum

Lihir Village Planning

Manage consultations with villages in all wards of Lihir to collect information for infrastructure development planning.


Community Mining & Petroleum

Mine Extension Consultation & Negotiation

Design detailed discussion guidelines for consultation process and facilitate meetings across 150+ villages and then upwards in 9 regional forums followed by a national forum.


Community Mining & Petroleum

Social Assessors for PNG LNG Resettlement Project


Education/Training Mining & Petroleum

Training Needs Analysis for the Sustainable Development and Community Liaison Division of mining organisation

Tanorama is currently undertaking a detailed training needs analysis and training program design activity for the client. This involves detailed a consultation with all units of the department whose role is to act as the main point of communication with community stakeholders on the Island. The task involves a best practice review to ensure compliance with international and local standards.


Agriculture Business Development

Institutional Strengthening Project for Fresh Produce Development Agency

Tanorama an associate for this activity, providing a range of PNG and international experts to the consulting team. The objective is to provide institutional strengthening support to the FPDA with Tanorama advisers providing inputs to: IT systems, HR systems, Horticulture, Gender and community extension.



Conduct Tok Pisin & Cultural Awareness courses for in-coming international consultants 



Translation of documents from English to Tok Pisin and/or Motu 


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