Recently completed (2005 to 2009) assignments


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Smallholder Agriculture Development Project Baseline Study

The study is currently in implementation with Tanorama providing all team members and management arrangements. The objective is to collect baseline data from the community through a household survey that will examine demographic, household, social and economic responses with an emphasis on indicators for community participation and local level service delivery and development status. Structured meetings will also be held with local level government representatives to examine themes of sustainable local level development. The data will allow for comparison in the future with results to inform project and activity planning.


Governance Law & Order

Financial Knowledge Survey for the Law & Justice Sector Support Project

Tanorama designed and conducted a survey of Law and Justice agencies at National and provincial levels. Working to a steering committee within the Law and Justice Support Project, Tanorama consultants developed face to face and on-line survey instruments aimed at gauging the level of knowledge of relevant GoPNG policies amongst Law and Justice officers.


Business Development Governance Community

PNG Pilot Border Trade and Investment Development Project


Business Development Education/Training

Facilitation of donor organisation's staff workshops


Business Development Community

Review and Evaluation of Australian NGO's PNG Business Model


Governance Business Development

Electoral Support Program Reviews

Electoral Support Program Phase 2 (ESP2) is a multi-million kina institutional strengthening program that seeks to strengthen the capacity of the PNG Electoral Commission. Tanorama conducts periodic reviews of the program organisation examining 11 management competency areas and providing recommendations for program improvement. Tanorama provides two consultants, a program and organisational review specialist as well as a finance management specialist to undertake the reviews


Education/Training Business Development

Capacity Building of the National Agricultural Research Institute

Funded under the PNG Australia Targeted Training Facility, this was a training project conducted in association with an Australian TAFE organisation for all staff at NARI. Training offered were the Diploma and certificates in frontline management and the certificate in assessment and workplace training, certified in both PNG and Australia. This was competency based training in which practical workplace relevant outputs were structured into the course work. Strategic capacity building workshops were also held with the NARI Council, reviewing the key aspects of their organisation and developing improvements for implementation in the organisation.


Education/Training Mining & Petroleum Business Development

Project Planning & Design Training focussed on the Resources Sector

Tanorama designed and delivered a three day Project Planning and Design" training course for resource sector development officers as well as senior military officers. The course encompassed needs analysis theory, an examination of various assessment and planning techniques, including problem tree, SWOT and critical path analysis. A feature of the course was developing work place relevant project plans for participants to utilise in their work.



Kokoda Needs and Capacity Assessment for Australian Government Department

The Governments of Papua New Guinea and Australia signed a joint understanding on the development of the Kokoda Track. Tanorama provided a consultant to work in three key phases of this activity.
(i) To participate in a joint government needs assessment providing advice on community development needs and the capacity of various organizations to support proposed development assistance;
(ii) To facilitate a workshop of government stakeholders to provide advice on a program for operationalising the joint understanding, and;
(iii) To facilitate a community forum of approximately 100 stakeholders, mainly landowners and Tour operators to make presentations and promote discussion around proposed activities under the Joint understanding.


Governance Health

PNG HIV/AIDS Progress Evaluation for Australian NGO


Governance Law & Order

Organisational review of the Peace Foundation Melanesia

Peace Foundation Melanesia (PFM) specialises in conflict resolution and peace building focussing on the use of Melanesian custom laws to settle dispute. Following an urgent PFM request to AusAID for funding assistance, Tanorama was engaged by the Justice Advisory Group to complete an organisational and program evaluation of PFM. This included interviews with Board members, staff and community volunteers involved in various aspects of PFMs community justice programs and the examination of organisational and finance management systems. The evaluation led to the establishment of strengthening measures tied to funding provided.



PNG Top Student Study

A New Zealand institute undertaking a pacific wide study engaged Tanorama to complete the PNG portion :-  to  survey those students who finished top of their class in years 11 and 12 during the past 30 years. The study examined the experience of these individuals in terms of post-schools study and career opportunities and the magnitude of “brain drain and brain gain” for PNG.


Community Mining & Petroleum

Community Mine Continuation Agreement - Household Survey for mine affected area in Western Province

The household survey counted all people permanently living in the mine-affected regions of Western Province. Tanorama provided supervisors who travelled to all 154 villages in the area to conduct the survey. Data collected from the survey would be used for developmental planning and assist with improvement of specific services related to CMCA project and compensation systems.


Business Development Governance Mining & Petroleum Community

Design of New Entity for mine Development Foundation

The Community Mine Continuation Agreement was negotiated and signed in 2001 and provides the guideline under which compensation is provided to mine affected communities for both current and predicted environmental damages. When the CMCA was negotiated, a review clause was inserted and invoked during 2006 and 2007. The CMCA Review process, recently completed, recognises that environmental damage is worse than predicted and presents an increase in funds from OTML for mine-affected communities. The review process also negotiated new agreements for PNGSDP and Government of PNG to provide funds to mine affected communities, and also sets guidelines for improved organization and use of these funds - including the establishment of the Ok Tedi Fly River Development Fund (OTFRDF) as a community owned initiative for managing agreed funds appropriately.

Tanorama in conjunction with URS Sustainable Development Australia was awarded the contract by to design the new organization and delivered a final report and recommendations for the client’s consideration. The design was conducted in a participatory manner with all stakeholders involved at all stages of the design.


Community  Business Development Mining & Petroleum

Ok Tedi Development Foundation - Middle Fly Review

Review of Impacts of Projects Funded by the Development Trust  Tanorama was engaged to conduct a comprehensive project review for the community grant projects implemented and coordinated by various agencies. Tanorama used village surveys, reviewed documentation and consulted stakeholders to assess the state and impact of projects and equipment issued by the trust to the communities. The findings were reported and recommendations made to OTDF that would assist communities with better planning and commitment of future funds.


Education/Training Community

Upper Secondary School Review for the Education Capacity Building Programme


Community Mining & Petroleum

Conduct non-landowner surveys for mine site expansion


Agriculture Business Development

Small-holder Agriculture Development Project Operational Manuals

The objective of the assignment was to draft:
(i) the Project Implementation Manual (PIM) for the proposed project providing all necessary procedures and guidance for mplementation,
(ii) the Project Implementation Plan (PIP) listing activities to be carried out and providing the breakdown of tasks for the first 18 months after effectiveness, and
(iii) the Project Procurement Manual and Plan also providing details for the first 18 months.
Tanorama provided an International Team Leader and Procurement Specialist and a local Financial Management Specialist to undertake this assignment.
The final reports are used for the implementation of the Smallholder Agriculture Development Project (SADP) in Oro and West New Britain Provinces.



Assistance in PNG to the team undertaking Social Protection Impact Study in the Pacific Region 


Community Governance Mining & Petroleum

Facilitate the Review of the Community Mine Continuation Agreements with stakeholders

Tanorama was engaged as facilitator to review the Community Mine Continuation Agreements (CMCA). The CMCA’s were established between the Government, OK Tedi Mining Limited and the Western Province communities directly affected by the mine. The purpose of the CMCA was to allow for mining to continue with due recognition and agreed compensation payment regime for current and predicted environmental damage. Tanorama consultants were directly involved in planning and conducting over 500 meetings at village level and at higher level regional and working group meetings. The review has been completed and shaped a K1.1 billion package for compensation and community development purposes. The significant nature of the environmental and developmental issues in the region required the Tanorama team to use planning, negotiation, community development skills and the use of participatory approaches to involve all stakeholders.


Education/Training Mining & Petroleum Business Development

Progress Results Growth work culture training for mine workforce

Under contract Tanorama provided three facilitators to assist in the design and delivery of workforce development workshops to all divisions of the mining operation. The workshops were part of a broader change management program aimed at getting staff to act more as owners rather than just employees. The workshops covered a range of topics including: promoting better team work and trust/appreciation of colleagues and their background and skills; assessment and action planning around specific on the job improvements participants can make, and; taking responsibility for each others safety on site.


Education/Training  Business Development

PNG Defence Force Personnel Training; Project Management & Project Identification Workshop



Review component of the Media for Development Initiative



Social Impact Assessment of the mining operations and proposed resettlement of the communities within the mine location

This activity involved surveys of over 1000 households currently within the Special Mining Lease and due for relocation outside of the Special Mining Lease. The methodology involved the development of survey instruments, the conduct of a social mapping exercise and the analysis of data. There were significant logistical and community entry challenges that required careful negotiation, planning and communication skills. Tanorama provided survey supervisors and interviewers as well as technical specialists to support this activity.



Conduct Performance Assessment of the PNG- Australia Targeted Training Facility's development initiatives

As an associate on the project Tanorama conducted the Performance Assessment (PA) for the purpose of providing valid and reliable feedback on the level of achievement and sustainability of PATTAF’s development initiatives. These were conducted in five (5) Provinces in PNG which included NCD, Morobe, Western Highlands, Madang and East New Britain. The range of PATTAF’s development initiatives included long term training managed under the Australian Development Scholarships Awards (ADS) Program, in-country Short Term Training (STT) and Open and Distance Learning (ODL) predominantly delivered by sub-contractors. This assessment provided tools, information and analysis that informed PATTAF’s monitoring and evaluation requirements based on already defined development objectives and performance indicators documented in PATTAF’s Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) framework.


Education/Training Governance Business Development

Development of Public Sector Workplace Development Initiative (PSWDI) Induction and New Basics materials.

Assist training of selected trainers from various governmental departments in the delivery of the developed courses.


Education/Training Business Development

Capacity Building of the Department of Provincial and Local Government Affairs.

The aim of this project was to develop the management and administrative capacities of the Senior Executives and their assistants. The training course was conducted over a one-year period using a workplace competency-training model. Competencies assessed under the program included Time management, coaching and mentoring, people management, client management and IT office skills.


Community Infrastructure Business Development

Baseline Survey for the Key Roads for Growth Maintenance Project

Tanorama undertook socio-economic studies at the outset of the program to determine potential community impacts and opportunities related to the proposed maintenance initiative. This included surveys of road users and communities living alongside the highway.


Agriculture Governance

Development of Council Handbook for PNG National Agricultural Research Institute


Education/Training Business Development

Development of Training Management Plan for PNG Prime Ministers' Dept. & the National Executive Council


Community Business Development Education/Training

Development of community based Leadership & Management course and trainer mentoring for NGO


Business Development Education/Training Infrastructure

Training of Domestic Contractors and Staff of Department of Works, Provincial Works Managers and Provincial Administrators on the WB funded Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation Project


Community Business Development Mining & Petroleum

Design and Delivery of Local Trustees Training Induction Course for the Ok Tedi Development Foundation - PNG

In 2004 and 2005, Tanorama was engaged to design and deliver a community development course for Village Planning Committees (VPC’s) in the mine-affected areas. Key elements of the course included Project Planning and Design (including needs assessment), managing community meetings effectively, effective community leadership and sustainable development. Tanorama provided teams of experienced trainers to cover training in the OK Tedi area as well as in the South Fly communities of the Western Province.


Community Marketing & Promotion

Preliminary Examination of existing in-country status of artisan products produced by women and suitable for export on behalf of PEDF - PNG


Technology Business Development Education/Training

PNG Financial Management Improvement Project

The Project provided support to improvements in human resource development and training, financial planning, budget execution, accounting and the upgrading information systems in all levels of government. Tanorama as the local associate to the international consortium procured the domestic consultants, project support staff and provided other support services. Tanorama consultants were placed within the Departments of Finance and Treasury to work with counterparts in introducing new IT and Finance systems and training of personnel in their maintenance and use. Our consultants were also involved in the preparation of tender documentation and systems specification for the procurement of major IT systems using local and wide area networks. This work extended to supporting the roll-out of finance systems into the provinces of PNG. The training adviser was attached to the PNG institute of Public Administration to develop training programs for public service induction and refresher programs related to new finance and accounting systems.


Community Business Development

Community Development Adviser to the PNG Community Development Scheme Phase 2

Tanorama provided the Capacity Building Specialist to this K40 million community development project. The Specialist was responsible for working with CDS committee structures and non-state actors to build their organisational and program delivery capacity. The work required use of participatory approaches to facilitate organisational and community needs assessments and related plans. The adviser was also involved in conducting training needs analysis and the delivery of formal training courses and mentoring of personnel involved. The adviser was also responsible for facilitation of change management processes and multi-stakeholder workshops and was also directly involved in monitoring and evaluation of different aspects of the project.


Education/Training Community

PNG Curriculum Reform Impact Study

This was a five-year longitudinal study to assess the impact of the curriculum reforms on students in Elementary Prep to Grade 8. As an associate, Tanorama provided the local research assistants, logistics personnel, and the platform from which the case studies were coordinated. The study team was working with elementary students, education officials, teachers, headmasters, parents and communities to trace the progress of students as they move from vernacular to bridging and ultimately to English. Results of the study would inform the impact and relevancy of this important education reform.
The goal of the PNG Curriculum Reform Implementation Project (CRIP) was to improve the relevance and quality of education provided to school students. Its purpose was to develop, implement and gain wide support for the reform curriculum at the basic education level. The Impact Study includes12 case studies in 8 provinces (including New Ireland Province, Enga, Western Highlands, Central, Madang and Oro provinces), with school clusters comprising elementary and primary schools, in rural, urban and remote locations, and their associated communities. It used both qualitative and quantitative methods. Baseline data on student outcomes and teacher practice were established, and assessment was made over five years of changes in outcomes and practices, including the impact of vernacular education.


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